All staging jobs include...

Initial home visit
Design planning
Selection of furnishings
Packing & loading
Inventory delivery 
Staging installation with 4-6 professionals to implement the design
Rental fee for furnishings 
De-staging the property  
Return delivery


Next, you will make selections on the quote, sign the contract, and submit a deposit. Once those items are complete our team will create a design plan. This involves selecting furniture, decor, and artwork that blend with the architecture of the home and the potential buyer demographic. At this stage we will reserve a staging date on our calendar. 

Did you know photos & physical staging

are the 2 most important items

potential buyers look for in a listing? 

Traditional staging is still preferred

to virtual staging! 

STEP 4: De-staging

Impact on potential buyers

viewing a staged home

National Association of Realtors 2023 Profile of Home Staging 


We will begin with a property walkthrough (our complimentary consultation) to assess your home, discuss goals, and plan which areas of the home to stage. We will take photos and measurements, as well as answer any questions you may have. This can also be completed over the phone with use of old listing photos! 

* We ask that all renovations, painting, construction, repairs, cleaning, etc. be complete BEFORE the scheduled installation*

The Jaya Home staging crew will load the furniture and transport it to the property on the instillation date. Working with our designers the team will transform the property in just a few hours. When our job is complete the home will be photo ready and prepared for any showings or an open house!

Contact us when you would like to end the staging and our team will return to the property to pick up the inventory.

Did you know that all the furniture, artwork, and decor we use is available to purchase? If the home buyer is interested in any pieces, we will happily share pricing for them! ​​

STEP 3: Installation

Vacant Home Staging

STEP 1: Complimentary Quote


STEP 2: Approval & Deposit