We custom design every staging. Our selection

of fine art, quality furnishings, and expertise will transform the home.

  • Allowing your online photos to stand out from the fray.

  • Driving maximum traffic to your home.

  • Creating a lasting impression on buyers.                                

Setting the stage to get it SOLD...

We turn vacant houses into dream homes. When buyers fall in love with the lifestyle a home offers, the sale is made.

  • Highlighting the home's benefits.
  • Allowing buyers to understand furniture placement, the use of space, and scale. 
  • Minimizing any possible negatives.

Our proven results and five-star reviews let you know that your property will show its' absolute best. 

  • Only 10% of the buyers are able to visualize how furnishings will work in an empty space. In other words, without staging, your empty home risks losing 90% of the potential buyers. 
  • Buyers perceive professionally staged homes as having more value which is reflected in their offers. 

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​​​​​​​​​​Locally Owned Austin Home Staging

 JAYA HOME STAGING & DESIGN is an award-winning company 
specializing in the luxury staging of vacant homes, 
model homes and commercial venues.

Our extensive research allows us to strategically design each staging, appealing directly to the buyers looking in that area and price range. 

Your home will offer added benefits to buyers.

  • Buyers benefit from a move-in-ready home as they have the option of purchase the staging.
  • This can save the buyers thousands in interior design fees, delivery costs, installation fees, and time.