“Having the right staging is            50% of the job in selling a house."     


                          - Kortney Wilson

                 HGTV's  Master of Flip 

​​​Project Aug. 2016

House Price: $3,295,000

Client: twelbel

I used Jaya to stage my new-construction home for sale (see Sharon Ln. example). Jacqueline was very nice, responsive, and professional. My home looks great, and I immediately started getting positive feedback, and an offer within weeks! Would definitely 

do it again.

​​What our clients are saying about us...

Project Feb. 2016

House Price: $1,750,000

Client: realtor DM

Very professional. Furnishings were high end and current. Helped sell the house! Easy to work with and a great eye.

House Price: $1,750,000

I had a house for sale  that, once we had it staged, the property was transformed. The process was quick and easy and the sellers saw the value in staging. I think it definitely helped to sell the house. The furnishings were high end and very current. In fact the buyers purchased a number of pieces.  I would highly recommend Jaya Home Staging!

                                            - Desmond Milvanen

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